Library liblayers.simrel.AbstractData

Require Export compcert.lib.Coqlib.
Require Export compcert.lib.Integers.
Require Export compcert.common.Values.
Require Export compcert.common.Memdata.
Require Export compcert.common.Memtype.
Require Export compcertx.common.MemoryX.
Require Export liblayers.lib.Lens.
Require Export liblayers.lib.Lift.
Require Import liblayers.compcertx.CompcertStructures.
Require Import liblayers.compcertx.LiftMemX.

Types of abstract data

To use data as a layer's abstract data, we need the associated initial abstract init_data, and an invariant data_inv that hold on the initial data and is to be preserved by all primitives.
Additionally, since the data may contain pointers, we need a relation data_inject that tells us what it means for one abstract state to inject to another, by analogy to Compcert's Val.inject and friends. It is not yet entierly clear what properties will be required of data_inject besides data_inject_compose, but I list a few things that make sense.

Class AbstractDataOps data :=
    init_data : data;
    data_inv: data Prop;
    data_inject (ι: meminj): relation data

Class AbstractData data `{data_ops: AbstractDataOps data}: Prop :=
      data_inv init_data;
      Monotonic init_data (data_inject (Mem.flat_inj glob_threshold));
May need when Mem.inject uses data_inject < data_inject_compose ι ι' d1 d2 d3: data_inject ι d1 d2 -> data_inject ι' d2 d3 -> data_inject (compose_meminj ι ι') d1 d3; > By contrast this is already used for inject-neutral properties:
    data_inject_incr :>
      Monotonic data_inject (inject_incr ++> subrel)

Global Instance data_inject_incr_params:
  Params (@data_inject) 3.

Once we have this extra information, we can package it into a layerdata object. From then on, you should only use the packaged version (including as a type through the ldata_type coercion). You should use the underlying type directly.

Record layerdata :=
  ldata {
    ldata_type :> Type;
    ldata_ops : AbstractDataOps ldata_type;
    ldata_prf : AbstractData ldata_type

Global Arguments ldata _ {_ _}.
Existing Instance ldata_ops.
Existing Instance ldata_prf.